The world survives!

I had a dream last night where I wake up and peer out of my bedroom window to look at what usually is a huge tree, only this time in the dream I look out and see nothing! Yeah pitch blackness, and I wonder, “Oh so the LHC must have produced one after all.” The next though that enters my deranged nightmarish mind is “Have I crossed the event-horizon yet? Then maybe I still have a chance to run away, maybe someone has a spaceship and I might just get a lift to alpha centauri“, and that’s when I wake up to find the sun shining down my face. I guess the trip to alpha centauri will have to wait. So the world hasn’t ended yet albeit fears of earth gobbling black holes, strangelets, vaccum bubbles, magnetic monopoles or as someone on gamedev said, “We haven’t yet been invaded by head-crab hordes from Zen.” So I guess it’s time to congratulate the scientists working on the LHC, but I guess they took every bit of precaution and as someone said, “Even inviting Gordon Freeman just in case!” 

Gordon Freeman spotted at cern.

Hmm… where’s the hazmat suit dude?

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