Insanely busy.

I know the blog has been silent for some time now, but I have been insanely busy for the past couple of weeks and it’s not looking to ease up any time soon. There are just too many small things that need to be done, I still have a sh**t load of work to catch up too, I am in up to my neck in work. Things haven’t been this hectic for quite a few years now, probably never ever since I started on my own. Reminds me of the days when I used to put in 90+ hours a week. Yeah, those were indeed stressful times, used to work on a full-time job and then somehow manage to find time to come back and work on the engine and the game (*shiver*). Thankfully even though I am busy, it’s not that stressful at all. You may think the game is the culprit, on the contrary the game is the least of my worries, it’s just small things that keep adding up. It’s the other things that you have to get going to start-up a business that are just plain insane, and yes, things I hate to do 😀 . I guess you have to do all those things at least it once to get things rolling.

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