Updated the website.

websiteAh! Finally found some time to update the web-site. The main index page was rather drab and unattractive with very little on it except some techie nerdy stuff. Well it still does, what did you expect from a techi nerd, but added some spice by installing a random image display component. Looks kinda neat, if I can say so myself.

Along with that the major thing that was added were two articles from my previous blog to the article section on the site. The article on python called “Python: A maiden in a serpent’s disguise” is renamed to Python: Taming the serpent. I also added the game genres article named What are game Genres? Both these articles are from the previous blog on fastnet that went down. There are a lot more things to be added but I could not find time to salvage the entire blog. Maybe in coming week or, whenever; I am bad at deadlines!

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