Duped by a free hosting site.

Today my old site susheel.ifastnet.com went down rather mysteriously. I have no idea why the admin at ifastnet decided suddenly to take down my humble little site that blogs nothing by my game development project. I feel annoyed and let down by such an act. I do have a backup up until 8th of this month, so I haven’t lost a lot of material. But now my old blog readers will find it very difficult to find my blog again.

The site had at best modest traffic so it’s not like the servers were overwhelmed, neither did it have offensive material. The only thing it had was a bunch of technical stuff on game development and game engine design. Now why would anyone be offended by that? Well GOD only knows? I tried reaching their tech-support, but in vain. If anyone who has built a site and lost if will know what I mean. Its really agonizing to see your work of months go down the drain like that. :'( .