Susheel's logo.Susheel is developer/programmer, or rather a game engine programmer. He is currently the tech-lead and the founder of 3D Logic Software.

Susheel’s obsession towards programming started way back in 1996 when he first got his hands on a discarded 8088. His addiction towards computers and technology (much to the dismay of family and friends, ) has only grown since. His first bout with 3D graphics was when he developed a rudimentary terrain engine on Turbo C++’s BGI graphics for his engineering project.

Susheel enjoys playing computer games, but what he likes most is creating them. Susheel is a big fan of RPG games, but occasionally does play Casual games as well. He confesses to being a h/c gamer and sometimes can push this to the extreme.

Favorite PC/Console Games:
Donkey kong, Pacman, Doom, Oblivion, God Of War.

Apart from gaming and programming, Susheel likes the great outdoors and is never far behind to try out a new adventure. He can be passionate about reading if the story is gripping enough, else he will quickly lose interest. His favorites are the works from J.R.R Tolkien, so much so that Susheel had initially dreamed of making a full RPG game on Tolkien’s works but was kinda beaten to it after the Lord Of The Rings was released ( :'( sob’ )

Favorite Outdoor Games:
Football (soccer), Cricket.
— Susheel Raut. (email)

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