Can parallel processing really cut it?

When Larrabee was first delayed and then “postponed” most of us weren’t surprised (, at least  I wasn’t).  Parallel computing, though advocated as a world saver, isn’t the easiest model to program to. Doing everything in “software” (graphics, HPC and all) ‘might not’ be as easy as was anticipated. The cold hard reality is that languages like C++, Java and derivatives (mostly OOP ones,) were never really designed for parallelism. A multi-threading-here and a asynchronous-there, doesn’t really cut it. Using the full potential of parallel devices is very challenging indeed. Ironically most of the code that runs todays software isn’t geared for parallel computing at all. Neither are todays programmers.

But experts advocate  a parallel computing model for the future. But, is it easy to switch to? Will an innovation in hardware design, or a radical new compiler that optimizes away your “for() loop” the real answer? A very interesting article to read (even if you are not into graphics and game programming) is :

Very rarely do I quote articles, but this one is really worth a read. Well-written and well said.

Busy busy busy…

Damm it’ s been the longest time ever. No, I haven’t forgotten about writing, but been involved with a lot of work as of late.

  • Game Art integration.
  • Testing.
  • Pushing 3 other projects (2 game related and 1 other misc project).
  • Plus one new project.

Very little time, too much to do. 🙂

It’s getting a bit better, so  hopefully you will hear more of my ‘self-centered’ ‘worthless’ rants in the coming days 😀 .