Free after a long time.

Yes the blog has been neglected again, but I was very busy for a while. I have been pulling 3 projects in all for the last couple of months. Some consulting work got thrown my way and in these times of crisis, every bit helps (not that it was too much to begin with). Nothing related to games or 3D, but you can’t be too picky these days. I am glad it’s finally over. Not only has the blog suffered, but the work on the engine has been on the slower side as well. The May and June targets for the engine tech haven’t been met, and I have a huge list of pending items to put in. Everything from soft-shadows and deferred shading to integration of new Blender features have yet to be done. The 2D game has also been kept on the back burner and I hope that I can finish it soon so I can get back to the 3D engine at least by August. On the whole it’s been a very hectic 6 months or so. But consulting is a good way to sustain oneself since games typically take time to develop and deploy, and in the meantime contract work can keep things rolling. OTH, it can suck up time like a vacuum cleaner. Good and bad, one has to learn to balance these things.

Ah yes, I can get back to Fallout. It’s been ages since I fired that game up. Still so many games to catch up to. Haven’t even installed Left 4 Dead.

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