Time away

I have been away from blogging for a while now (I know, I’m sorry) and I really feel that I have neglected the blog for the past couple of months, but on the whole it’s been a slow January and a rather boring February. I have also been taking breaks from my daily routine, not too many, but on the whole I have been rather sluggish  for the pas t 2 months. I guess it’s an unfortunate consequence of being stuck to a chair for 6 odd months and being generally devoid of and other life 😀 ! I had decided to go somewhere and relax for sometime, but I haven’t yet found any time to do that. Thus far it’s been only small weekends of relaxation. Unfortunately I haven’t been able to take the “big vacation” I had been planning for (yet), but I guess I will get around to it one of these days.

Besides all that there have been some projects I had been holding out till I had released the game and I finally got around to having a go at them. However the major chunk of my time is currently being spent on R&D, and that’s probably something I love doing. Trying out crazy stuff, hacking around code in the most insane ways possible, trying out crazy stuff with shaders, pulling and pushing DirectX, NVIDIA, ATI samples. Yeah! All that kind of stuff one likes to do 😀 . It’s really fun to see how far your card will go (in my case the HD 4850) and I can tell you the 4850 has a lot of punch if you know how to tweak it.

Well, this entry is a no brainier, but then again I haven’t been doing a lot of brain activity recently 😀 , so this entry probably reflects that 😉 . Don’t worry I will be back to myself in no time…

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