Finally some free time.

Ah, finally some free time on my hands these days, and you bet I am putting it to no use! 😀 For the past couple of days it’s no coding, no reading, no working on the game, I must say it’s something really strange for me and I feel almost guilty being away from the computer and doing nothing. However, it’s something I am forcing myself to do. Yeah, forcing myself to do nothing 😀 ! Also I am making it a point to sleep on time, early to bed and early to rise, late to rise will perhaps make me into a total slob soon, but I am kinda enjoying it for the moment.

It’s strange that I am currently not playing any games either. I know, Fallout and Fable II are out, not to mention Left 4 Dead; and I have a new HD 4850 on my PC, but I haven’t gathered up the interest to go out and play anything. Very strange, I must be coming down with something. The only thing I am currently enjoying is listening to music. Knowing myself, this probably wont continue much further. I am sitting on a pile of games that are just shouting out to be played and I will probably start with something very soon.

Hmm.. which one should I pick? Maybe an FPS, haven’t played that in quite a while. Maybe shoot some brains out of some poor alien bas***ds. Would be kinda nice end to the year!

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