Finally some free time.

Ah, finally some free time on my hands these days, and you bet I am putting it to no use! 😀 For the past couple of days it’s no coding, no reading, no working on the game, I must say it’s something really strange for me and I feel almost guilty being away from the computer and doing nothing. However, it’s something I am forcing myself to do. Yeah, forcing myself to do nothing 😀 ! Also I am making it a point to sleep on time, early to bed and early to rise, late to rise will perhaps make me into a total slob soon, but I am kinda enjoying it for the moment.

It’s strange that I am currently not playing any games either. I know, Fallout and Fable II are out, not to mention Left 4 Dead; and I have a new HD 4850 on my PC, but I haven’t gathered up the interest to go out and play anything. Very strange, I must be coming down with something. The only thing I am currently enjoying is listening to music. Knowing myself, this probably wont continue much further. I am sitting on a pile of games that are just shouting out to be played and I will probably start with something very soon.

Hmm.. which one should I pick? Maybe an FPS, haven’t played that in quite a while. Maybe shoot some brains out of some poor alien bas***ds. Would be kinda nice end to the year!


Doofus Longears The Game.

😀 Yes we have launched the game. Find it’s downloadable demo at it’s very own website (


A lot has happened on the game front as well. First let me start off by letting people know…. I have launched 3D Logic Software. That will be our business name under which the Doofus game/s will be released.

As far as the game release goes, the countdown has begun! I have not had too much time to update the blog since we were all working hard at the final push towards the finish line. Yes, the Doofus Game is to be released very soon. Keeping my fingers crossed.

Sorry for the long absence.

First, apologies for being off the blog radar for a few days. I don’t think I have been this silent on the blog for so long. I guess people must be wondering what I was up to. I was very busy with a lot of stuff on the game and business front. Well, a lot has happened in the past two weeks. That’s really an understatement considering I live in Mumbai and I think the world knows what the city has  seen in the past 2-3 weeks.

The city is still coming to terms with the attacks on 26/11 and is still on edge, but as with everything else life goes on. Maybe for nothing else, but for mere necessity; because it has to. I only hope and pray that the authorities and the people in charge take due and adequate measures to prevent such dastardly acts from happening again. Condolences to the families who lost their loved ones.