A bit under the weather.

Maybe I am pushing a bit too hard here, but for the past week I have been a bit down and out. Maybe not the entire time, but for most of the time last week. I had a nasty bite from the cold bug last week and the tough guy that I am, or so I thought, I totally ignored any RNR until things became a bit too much. Usually I am not the one to fall sick in the family and most of the time I have a tendency to ignore such niggling health issues (like maybe a cold) until things turn really ugly.

So there, now I have a leaky nose and a sore back. I initially thought my back problem was due to the chair, apparently not. The doc says it’s due to the flu (a bit relieved there), that means it will go away in a few days. The only good news is Doofus game is all but done. Both the main versions and the demo versions have been packaged and the only thing remaining is the beta tester’s stamp of approval! I wanted to finish the website and all of the e-commerce stuff this week but I guess that will have to wait for a few more days. Hold on there… maybe I gave too much away 😀 .

Stay tuned!

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