Doofus 3D hits Code-Freeze.

Whew! The game has officially (finally) hit the last code-freeze today, actually yesterday but I tagged the repository today so it’s officially code freeze today. All the levels have been done and most of the internal (alpha) testing is complete. Yeah, the blog has been silent for a while; but that’s to be understood, I have been really hard pressed to finish this on time, yet I overshot my (mostly self-imposed) deadline by a good 15 days In part due to unforseen circumstances, in part due to my own faults, but that’s the way it goes (generally 😀 ). I am really glad it’s finally done and all but the most trivial issues remain. There is some artwork left though, I still have to finish up the initial screens and some sound-tracks and some sound-effects need to be incoroprated into the game as well. Some parts of the demo version also need to be finished up. However, I am going to hold on to that till I release the RC for one final bout of testing, that way I have a good feedback on which levels to include in the demo and which to hold off for the full version.



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