New screens of the Doofus 3D Game.

Update: Doofus Longears – Get ’em Gems has been released and can be found on

Whew, finally found some time to update the blog. I have been frantically working on putting final polish to the game, business related activities, tweaking graphics, ironing out small glitches in gameplay, play-testing levels, and the list goes on!

My major headache was the background. There were a lot of people who had complained about the background not being up to the mark. So I decided to paint a brand new background from scratch. It was a hell of a lot difficult though. Doofus 3D being a cartoon game, I wanted to have a flamboyant background (, rich and colorful with a distinct cartoon touch). However it’s not quite that simple, it’s not as easy as firing up good ol’ GIMP and just having a go at painting any ordinary scene. Since you are painting for a sky-box you really have to be a lot more careful and lot more sensitive about how to handle depth in your scene, plus you have to paint for a full panoramic view. A lot of experimentation went into this one, believe me! Lot’s of hits and misses later, and after studing some other skyboxes this is what I ended up with.

As you can see the background is a whole lot better than the muddy dingy background from the screenshots of the previous beta. Plus there is something more. Yes, the first pictures of new characters. More later 😉 .

2 thoughts on “New screens of the Doofus 3D Game.

  1. Looks fantastic. Now you just need to adjust the character lighting so that the characters have the same soft-lit feel like the rest of the world. Try to bump up the ambient on the character and reducing the intensity of the directional light. This should make the lighting effect a lot softer.

  2. 😀 Yes I was tweaking with the ambient material component for the characters just the other day, and yes the overall directional lighting too. Lets see how that goes.

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