A helmet that can read thoughts?

First a vest that lets you feel the game and now a helmet that reads minds! Holy c**p! What’s next? Really interesting indeed, though I am a little bit skeptical it would be that easy. Even the article mentions the fact that it would be really difficult to isolate specific brain signals required for flawless character movement inside a game.

Let’s say the report is based on fact, does such a helmet really enhance a game overall? It does brings up some rather interesting questions. Would such a helmet really add to a player overall game experience? For example, my thoughts are a jargled mess when I am playing a FPS game. If a helmet would translate that into player actions, the character would behave really weired indeed 😀 .

Then again I like to get sweaty palms during fast paced action. Just sitting idle and thinking about hacking and slashing opponents is not something that sounds too appealing. Hey, I think such thoughts about people I hate all the time 😉 , that’s not something new, neither does it sound interesting. OK maybe I am kidding, but really, would such helmet allow for greater player immersion? It might, maybe, or it might not. Then there are other issues as well; like response and reactions times which are integral to overall game mechanics. On the whole, I remain a skeptic about such a “mind reading” helmet.