No more spam please!

The past couple of weeks has seen too much spam thrown this way (I mean on this blog). It won’t appear on this front page thankfully, but it’s now getting really annoying. I can’t understand why people are trying to spam the hell out of this blog. I get at least about 3 spam pingbacks a day. On really bad days it can go up to 15. The spams are usually something like this “We found this great post here… Please read …” which actually links back to the poster’s/spammer’s site or I don’t know where and the site has God knows what all nasty stuff. It is my request to anyone reading this blog, please don’t send spam this way. If you want to say something you are welcome to comment, of course, on the topic.

2 thoughts on “No more spam please!

  1. Have you considered using a captcha? I don’t think people themselves would spam, its more likely some spam bots have found your website. You could use a simple captcha—like solve 7+2 or you could ask the users to prefix their Names with say “!!”, anyone entering a name without that prefix is a bot 😀 . I haven’t seen the prefix method used anywhere, but I feel that’s the least annoying to an actual human user.

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