A vest that lets you FEEL the Game!

A US surgeon has devised a vest that when worn and plugged to your computer allows you to feel the blows from virtual game characters (read here). Now that is really interesting! It will allow the player to experience another dimension of gameplay never before possible, a consequence of his action in the virtual game world occurring on himself in the physical world. The vest allows you to feel the shocks, stabs and hits occurring inside the game. Players wearing the vest will now have to deal with implications for their actions. Ah! Responsibility! No mad shooting in an FPS game from now on. That’s refreshing for a change. It’s no secret, I am a fan of games where the player has to deal with consequences for his actions. FPS games today just lack any variety, and this vest, it seems, may just provide the right impetus to what has become a rather monotonous game genre.

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